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Welcome, to the showcase of stories and novels written by Richard Verry. First off, let me introduce you to my motto. I authored this motto in my teens. I live my life by this motto every day.

“Everything is possible; nothing is impossible; it’s all in the attitude.”
~Richard Verry

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“I always start writing with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind.”
~Patrick Dennis

I particularly love this quote because as far back as I can remember, that is exactly how I come up with my stories.

Motto: "Everything is possible; nothing is impossible; it's all in the attitude."

Readers of my Stories

I write my stories as I come up with ideas. I publish them only when I feel they are ready for my fans. My stories are suspense dramas, often intense and disturbing, written around adults finding themselves in precarious situations, ending with a twist. The bulk of my followers are open-minded, mature readers, eighteen and up, living all around the world. Shop now by following my Stories category in the menu.

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What You’ll Find in my Stories

If you’re curious about erotic and sometimes terrifying stories, you’ll find them here. Interested in what might happen if making money and elevating the bottom line means more than the welfare of the population? They’re right here. If you’re concerned about the fiction that may be closer to the truth than you care to admit, prepare to be afraid for you and your loved ones.

Magic of Books, Stories and NovelsFrom Ideas to Stories

I hope you enjoy reading my novels. Like Ray Bradbury, they come to me in the weirdest of places. Often, I wake up with an idea, often inspired by my vivid dirty mind.

Writing down my impressions can become an obsession, filled with excitement, desire, and intrigue. If you’re into something different, something other than vanilla, you might enjoy my books.

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“I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.”
~Ray Bradbury

My Art Gallery

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maggicalExpressions is an online gallery depicting my artistic works of paintings, drawings and sketches. While in need from a break from writing, I dabble in watercolor, oil, and acrylic paintings on canvas and watercolor paper. I also love black, grey and white, so I draw several graphite and charcoal renderings, and pencil sketches done on dozens of different kinds of paper.

I appreciate your time to check out my work.

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