Curious about Mona Bendarova?


Who is Mona Bendarova? Let me tell you about her. Mona is a senior household member and investigator under the Mastery of Charles Bendarova. She is smart and insightful. She has an innate ability to see patterns within the chaos that others cannot see. Theories and their ramifications come easily to her. Her driving force… Continue reading Curious about Mona Bendarova?

Who is Honey?

Who is Honey? Hmm … Let me tell you about her. Honey is an intelligent, complicated woman and a bit naïve. She sees the good in everyone. She has no concept of others having self-centered personal agendas. As a result, it gets her into trouble at times, yet it doesn’t stop her from believing in… Continue reading Who is Honey?

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone who in one way or another, contributed to supporting me over the past several weeks. For some, they have been stressed. For others, they have been supportive and offered many suggestions. All have my deepest gratitude. Please have a cup of coffee (or your favorite relaxation beverage on me.)… Continue reading Thank you