Right Brain/Left Brain

Right Brain Learning

Right Brain/Left Brain

To many people, Richard’s right and left brain conflict with each other. It’s possible that some people fit into one or the other, just not both. Do his sides battle with each other occasionally? Not occasionally, but constantly fight for control. Together, they complement each other.

He resumed sketching, drawing, and painting at the turn of the 21st century. He favors the female nude and has produced many compositions in graphite, charcoal, oil paint, and watercolors. He’s created quite a gallery of works that he exhibits on his online gallery, which you can find at maggicalExpressions. He also writes stories that tickle his interest.

Every day, scenes and images flood his mind, streaming as if watching an online video. Most times, they exist for mere milliseconds. Other times, one will capture his interest, and he’ll spend several valuable seconds considering the mental image. A rare few will capture his interest long enough to become obsessed with it. But they do, and he thrives on their existence.

Left Brain

His choice of career fit his left brain. He’s always been interested in analytics, science, reason, preferring to control a situation rather than submit. One career he had considered was a marine biologist. He’s practical, envisioning the progression of events. When doing various errands, he prefers to plan an efficient route that minimizes wasteful energy.

Right Brain

His career choice also fed his right brain. Programming and systems engineering granted him freedom to bend technology to his will. He’s a technology geek and loves his toys. Yet, it’s the creating that turns him on. He pours his soul into that which he creates. However, once done, he moves on, leaving many of those creations behind, yet not all. When he returned to drawing and painting after decades left behind, he realized what he had missed during all that time. He discovered a forgotten passion. He spent hours into the wee-hours of the night practicing his skills, improving himself, and finding a happiness he needed.


He added writing short stories at about the same time, but never thought about publishing any of them. In 2012, he worked on an idea for a full-length novel. Dabbling off and on with written creative works, he wrote the ‘Mona Bendarova Adventures’ as a single book he never envisioned publishing.

He wrote a concept, a future history, an encyclopedia of the universe, and an outline of the first book. Initially, he didn’t think he would share it with the public, but lots of feedback prompted him to publish it and write a series. ‘Broken Steele’ was the second book in the series, with more published or planned.

Since then, he has written several other books, including the ‘Her Client Trilogy,’ ‘The Breakup,’ the ‘Consortium’ books, and more. He is quite proud of the Consortium books. Readers either like them or hate them. One thing they are not is ambivalent towards them.

He sells them with outstanding success on Amazon and other retail and eBook sites.


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