Book Cover Reveal

Book Cover Reveal

The Trafficking Consortium Front Book Cover
Copyright (c) Richard Verry 2016

Announcing the cover of my latest novel, ‘The Trafficking Consortium.’ Comments and critiques are welcome. There is still time to make minor changes before the release, scheduled in a couple of weeks. If you liked my earlier works, you will love this new one. I am very proud of this story. It’s more mainstream that my other works but still maintains their flavor.

The Trafficking Consortium in 85 words

Imagine, coming to the attention of an international human trafficking ring just by getting your annual physical. Consider what happens after they take you, ship you off, and sell you into a life of slavery. Can you imagine your life as a slave, suffering cruel torments? Can you imagine being forced to choose between a long, torturous, and painful life or a quick but excruciating death? Avril Gillios doesn’t have to imagine it; she has to live it. The question is, can she survive it?

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